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The training sessions for the Reveal Diamond Detector continues in Antalya

June 1, 2023

Technology continues to revolutionize the world of jewellery as well. The increasing quality and reduced production costs of synthetic diamonds have made them more prevalent and preferred in jewellery. However, in some cases, they can be mistaken for natural diamonds.

It is not possible to distinguish between synthetic and natural diamonds by naked eye or using a loupe. This is where the REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR, a synthetic diamond detection device produced by the JTR Research and Development Department, comes into play. Deliveries of the REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR, began in March at the Istanbul Jewelry Show.

REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR offers a highly sensitive and effective technology to differentiate between synthetic and natural diamonds. Head of JTR Research, Dr. Atieh Tootoonchi provided comprehensive training to customers using the device in the Antalya region on how to use the device effectively. During the training process, a comparison was made between a collection of synthetic diamonds and natural diamonds using the REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR, and detailed information was shared on how to use the device. Users learned the ins and outs of this innovative device through the provided training.

The training sessions for the Reveal Diamond Detector continues in Antalya

Synthetic Diamonds and Detailed Information

During the training process, Dr. Atieh Tootoonchi shared detailed information about synthetic diamonds;

“Synthetic diamonds are diamonds produced in a laboratory environment. Their crystal structure and optical properties are identical to natural diamonds, making it impossible to distinguish them through traditional methods. REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR accurately detects these synthetic diamonds, providing customers with a valuable service. With the use of REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR, companies can verify whether the diamond they have purchased is natural or synthetic. With the increasing prevalence of synthetic diamonds, there is a growing demand for this type of technology. REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR stands out as a solution that earns the trust of retailers and manufacturers and solidifies its position in the industry. With its wide analysis area, the device allows companies to analyze multiple pieces of jewellery simultaneously, enabling them to streamline their workflow. It also provides companies with the ability to trade confidently by quickly analyzing loose diamonds during purchases. If you are looking for a reliable solution for synthetic diamond detection, REVEAL DIAMOND DETECTOR is the right choice for you.”

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