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JTR BIOLINK pages are live

December 23, 2022

We share information about our laboratory and services on our JTR Instagram account. In addition, we share up-to-date news about our trainings and events. The details of most of these news are on our website and we want our followers to be able to easily access the content on our website.

Since Instagram allows only one link sharing in the profile area, we have published our Biolink pages for both our English and Turkish channels on our website. From the profile link, you can now access our Biolink page and view our posts with links that we have published on our instagram account. When you click on the posts, you can easily access the related article or news.

JTR Turkish Biolink Page

JTR English Biolink Page

You can find more detailed information about what Biolink is and its advantages in the continuation of our article.

What is Biolink?

Before talking about Biolink, let's briefly examine the concept of a link. The link is briefly; website, social media platform, youtube channel etc. you want to direct your target audience. It is the URL that directs your digital identity to the pages you create.

JTR BIOLINK pages are live

Biolink Advantages

You can make your latest announcements, campaigns and blogs visible with your biolink link that you will add to your Instagram bio. Even though these shares are at the bottom of your profile, the audiences who will discover you later can easily access your posts up-to-date thanks to the biolink.

According to the researches, the attention of Instagram users attracts the attention of clear and short message content. For this reason, you can create a website for details and information that you cannot include in your posts, attract relevant people to your page, and directly reach your target audience in a short way. In this way, you can also generate traffic to your site. After your target audience reads the content they are interested in, they will also browse your page and subconsciously include your brand. You can also strengthen your institutionalism with the biolink URL you will create for your brand.

JTR Biolink

As JTR, we protect the future of your jewelery and jewelery industry with the transparent grading applications we have developed. In addition to our diamond report and jewelry report services, we provide advanced diamond and jewelry training with our JTR Training department.
You can visit our biolink to learn about all JTR services, to get to know us better, and to get the most up-to-date information about diamonds and jewellery.

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