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5 steps to choosing the perfect solitaire

December 23, 2022

A marriage proposal is one of the most memorable moments in everyone's life. It takes research, imagination and effort to immortalize that moment that will make your whole life different.

If you take some time and choose the right solitaire with the following recommendations; your proposal can turn into a story that you will tell from generation to generation for a lifetime, and your solitaire can become a family heirloom.

If you follow the steps that will always be needed and the tips we will suggest when choosing a solitaire, you can be sure that you have chosen the right diamond.

5 steps to choosing the perfect solitaire

Here are 5 easy steps to follow so that the ring you choose carefully is a source of great happiness;

1- Determine Your Budget

If you have decided to buy a solitaire, you can be sure that you will be faced with many dizzying options.

Before you go to the store, decide how much to spend, your budget.

Identifying a few parameters in your mind will help the sales representative find the ring that best fits your budget. It would be a good idea to leave an additional margin that you can exceed your budget in order to get a model that will appeal to you in the face of the options you will see.

2- Find What You Want Easily from our 4C's Guide

It is possible to learn a lot about diamonds before going to the jewelry store. You can start with the 4C (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight) we mentioned in the “4C SAYFASI” section. Thus, you can more or less understand how each parameter affects the value of the diamond and how it contributes to the appearance of the stone.

In order to find the diamond that fits your budget, you can decide which parameter is more important to you and which parameters you can compromise on, as each parameter will affect the price.

3- Take a Look at Her Style

Now we know more or less what kind of stone we would like to ask for. But we have to work a little harder to choose the golden part of this stone, namely its mounting. What to do is actually simple. Pay attention to what kind of clothes your partner wears more. If she prefers casual outfits, she will like minimal and understated outfits.

Also, be mindful of what type of jewelry she usually wears. Is it modern or more classic? Does she use white or yellow gold? Does she use elegant pieces or more flamboyant jewelry?

Before you go to the store, try to form an idea about them. If you buy something like she usually uses, your chances of making the wrong choice are pretty low.

4- The Most Confusing Episode; Ring Size

If your partner wears a ring, borrow one she's wearing, for a short while with an excuse.

You can draw the shape of the inner ring of the ring on a piece of paper, or you can press the ring on a soap bar to make it out. You can even try it on your own finger and mark wherever it is on your finger with a pen.

Your jeweler can deduce the approximate ring size from the shape you get with these methods. If she does not use a ring, your jeweler will make an approximate size estimate based on his bone structure, height and weight. It's always better to buy slightly wider rings because it is easier to reduce the size of the ring than to enlarge it.

5- And The Famous Carat Question

Determine the minimum carat weight you can take. If your partner is dreaming of 1 carat, even the best quality, most beautiful 0.50 carat stone will be a disappointment.

It is possible to understand this from whether she likes flashy things or not, but a longtime friend can also help. Of course, it is also important that this friend's mouth is very tight.

If your carat budget is pushing you, "Tips To Reach Bigger Diamonds with the Same Budget in 4 Steps" guide will be exactly the solution to your problem.

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