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JTR sponsored the Jewellery Antalya Event.

December 29, 2022

Jewellery Technology Research (JTR), Turkey's Jewelry Technologies Research Center, sponsored the Jewellery Antalya buyer delegation event to be held in Antalya and attended by hundreds of buyers from all over the world. As part of the sponsorship, JTR will exhibit the technologies it has developed in diamond analysis at the fair, and will also provide “diamond knowledge”  seminars to participants.

JTR provides diamond and jewelry grading and report  services to the industry and develops technologies on a global scale. In addition to these efforts, JTR also provides certified training to industry professionals. By supporting the Jewellery Antalya buyer delegation event, JTR continues to support the Turkish jewelry industry and will provide “diamond knowledge”  seminars to participants during the event.

JTR sponsored the Jewellery Antalya Event.

As the technology center of the industry in diamond grading, JTR continues to develop new technologies while sponsoring the Jewellery Antalya buyer delegation event organized by the Jewelry Exporters Association. Accepting unconditional audits by the IDC and opening its diamond analysis reports to international scrutiny, JTR confirms its global claim by providing diamond analysis and reporting training to international participants.

The event, which will be held at Antalya Kaya Palazzo between January 5-9, will be attended by hundreds of companies and thousands of industry professionals from Turkey, as well as hundreds of buyer delegations from around the world.

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