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JTR (Jewellery Technology Research) launches jewellery sales and diamond training program

December 29, 2022

JTR (Jewellery Technology Research), the Istanbul-based international diamond grading laboratory and jewellery certification institute, announced it will offer a diamond and jewellery sales training programme for retail jewellers, staff members and students this fall. The course aims to strengthen retail jewellery sales and staff members' practical diamond knowledge, equip the participants with the necessary product information, and develop the skills to help them sell a piece of jewellery to their stores' customers successfully.

Scheduled for the last week of October 2022, the course is organised in cooperation with the Turkish Jewellery Exporters' Association. The first 100 (hundred) eligible registrants for this diamond and jewellery sales training course will receive a scholarship worth TL8500 (approx $450).

JTR (Jewellery Technology Research) launches jewellery sales and diamond training program

"The course aims to give working and aspiring retail jewellers, as well as students who wish to find employment in the retail jewellery sector, the tools to communicate effectively with jewellery store customers," said Ertan İçel, JTR's Customer Relations Manager.

"During this course, participants will acquire the skills necessary to identify and grade polished diamonds, learn about all the other components that make up a piece of jewellery, acquire product knowledge, receive instruction on how to engage with store customers, how to enthuse them for your products, and - this is very important - how to answer the most common questions they will be asking," İçel added.

Eligible applicants, both for the course and the scholarship, must be over 18; a jewellery industry member; students who have graduated within the last two years; or senior students who are still in university.

For more information and enrollment form, please visit the link below. Replies will arrive from

Jewellery sales and diamond training program

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