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Attending JCK Las Vegas Fair: Join Us at Our Booth

June 5, 2023

As a pioneering company in the Turkish jewellery sector, we are proud to announce our participation in the JCK LAS VEGAS fair on June 2nd. Positioned within the largest Turkish pavilion ever established, our booth invites you to get to know JTR Jewellery Technology Research up close.

JTR's grading reports, accredited by IAS (International Accreditation Service), represent a significant step towards global recognition of Turkish jewellery. These reports provide jewellery exporters with a crucial assurance to establish a strong presence in the American market. Backed by international standards, our grading reports will support and secure your jewellery exports. 

Attending JCK Las Vegas Fair: Join Us at Our Booth

During the fair, don't forget to visit our booth where you will have the opportunity to experience our International IAS accredited jewellery and diamond reports, Turkey's first synthetic diamond detection device which is named the Reveal Diamond Detector, and our lup Loupe S, which makes a difference with its quality.

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